The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur (James Altucher, via Freakonomics, 28/04/2011)
L'auteur a le sens de la formule, mais certains de ses conseils ne sont probablement pas transposables tels quels de ce côté-ci de l'océan. J'aime bien celles-ci :

  • Try not to hire people
  • Sleep
  • Don’t be greedy pricing your product
  • Distribution is everything. Branding is everything [1]
  • Fire employees immediately. If an employee gets “the disease” he needs to be fired
  • Hire your customers. Or not. But always leave open the possibility
  • Sell your company two years before you sell it
  • Ideas are worthless. If you have an idea worth pursuing, then just make it
  • Don’t save the world. If your product sounds too good to be true, then you are a liar [2]
  • Don’t worry about anyone stealing your ideas. Ideas are worthless anyway. It’s OK to steal something that’s worthless


[1] attention, un marketeux s'est caché dans cette phrase

[2] ah, le marketeux joue petit bras