Peut-on imaginer que la sous-estimation (qui semble) systématique des coûts relève de la bonne foi ? La réponse apportée par cette étude est sans grande surprise :

This article presents results from the first statistically significant study of cost escalation in transportation infrastructure projects. Based on a sample of 258 transportation infrastructure projects worth US$90 billion and representing different project types, geographical regions, and historical periods, it is found with overwhelming statistical significance that the cost estimates used to decide whether such projects should be built are highly and systematically misleading. Underestimation cannot be explained by error and is best explained by strategic misrepresentation, that is, lying.

Underestimating Costs in Public Works Projects: Error or Lie? (, 06/03/2013)

L'extrapolation à d'autres secteurs que celui des infrastructures routières est tentante ...