"Motorcycles and therapy. To many people, if you ride a motorcycle, you may need therapy. Little do they know that riding in itself is a kind of therapy.

It is stated in almost every article about motorcycles that riding is dangerous. That is a given. There is no need to go into that further. When you are riding, you can feel the road. You don’t have the 4 way independent suspension. You will actually feel the bumps of the road. You will feel the wind hitting you. The faster you ride, the more the feeling of flight you will experience.

The danger that a motorcycle brings is therapy in itself. That rush that you get knowing that you are doing something that can be dangerous, but not out of control, can help stress melt away. If you are having a bad day, nothing will put a smile on your face more than putting some highway miles between you and your problems."

The therapeutic value of riding a motorcycle (Helium, 25/12/2012)